Disclaimer : This cloud storage is offered for free to our clients at your request. You may make use of this to provide us information for further service processing or simply for your own storage. ¬†However, at all time you are responsible to back up your files frequently yourself. We do not accept responsibility for any possible lose of files due to any reason including, but not limited to, system breakdown or human mistakes. We will not provide backup service for your files stored in this website. We also reserve our right to withdraw this services any time in future without giving further notice. We also reserve our right to delete the files stored in this website at any time without giving further notice. More important, we are not responsible for any possible leakage of information due to our system being hacked or any cyber fraud, no matter such information leaked are personal, business or proprietary information, Accordingly, we alert you that you should not upload any confidential or proprietary information. By uploading your files to this website, you accepted these disclaimer terms in full without condition and agreed to surrender all the legal rights against “Compact Consulting Ltd” and “Keith Wong CPA & Co”, their affiliates, employees and officers in all aspects for whatever damages which may be incurred by use of such cloud storage on this website.


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