Any email addresses and/or other personal data (including but not limited to your name, telephone number, etc) which may be collected by and / or Keith Wong CPA & Co and/or any of their affiliates (the “firms”) through the use of this website are considered provided by the users on voluntarily basis with a purpose for us to provide better services and or referring useful information. By clicking relevant options, buttons, and/or URL links, we consider the user agreed our firm and its affiliates to use such information for the purpose listed below. We shall however not to sell such information collected to any 3rd parties other than our affiliates without your consent.

The purpose of collecting personal data may include:
•understanding users’ needs so as to provide better services;
•following up on comments and other messages that Users submit to us through this website;
•marketing and promotional efforts by and on behalf of the Companies and affiliates.

In cases we have any reasonable reason to believe that disclosing of your personal data is necessary to identify and/or to contact any person who may violate the laws of Hong Kong and/or such disclosure is necessary to prevent harmful activities which may cause damages or interferences (either intentionally or unintentionally) to our legal right of properties and/or to other users who could be harmed by such activities, we may disclose the user’s personal data in that circumstances to the appropriate government authorities . We may also disclose or access the user’s personal data when we believe in good faith that such disclosure is required by laws or considered necessary to maintain and improve our continuous services.

We reserve our right, but with no obligation, to review, edit or otherwise change this privacy policy without notice. While we are obliged to take appropriate measures to safeguard data security, the users of this website should understand no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to 100% secured. Accordingly we cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any information you transmitted to us and our affiliates, or via our online product or services and the users should note they transmit all such information at their own risk. However, once we receive the data transmission, we shall use our best endeavors to ensure its security within our own control.

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